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The names on the Wall of Fame are displayed based on the Composite score achieved by the students over the past 7 days.

The composite score is calculated based on their weighted performance in Activities, Smart sheets, Assessments and Question of the Day and Discussion forum posts.

A student needs to have attempted at least one smart sheet or assessment over the past 7 days in order to qualify for the Wall of Fame.

5 points are awarded for every forum post like.

The Wall of Fame is updated every 10 minutes.

Let us transform the way Math is taught and learnt in schools!
Best in class math lab instruments along with activities to help students explore and enjoy mathematics.

Supplemented by a fully interactive platform filled with activities to help educators illustrate concepts in the classroom with ease.

Proven VAK (Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic) methodology to help each and every child learn Math in his/her own style.

Visually pleasing and engaging content aligned to NCERT standards designed to help capture students’ attention.

Provides educators with tools to induce conceptual and critical thinking in the learners.

Helps students visualize the problems and think about all possible solutions rather than depend on memory.

Practice worksheets and Assessments to develop higher order thinking skills in students.

Unlimited access from any connected classroom or a computer lab makes it easy for teachers to illustrate concepts, and for students to interactively learn concepts.

So easy to use! It is fun for both teachers and students!

Mrs. Rama Narayanaswamy,
Head Teacher, Calibre Academy, Chennai Author of “Top Score” line of Math text books
For the first time in my 30 odd years as a Math teacher I have found students wanting to run to the Math Lab to do a session with Math Buddy every time they have a free period. There is a marked improvement in their levels of learning too. Thank You Math Buddy!

Mr. S. Harihara Sudhan,
Principal, Kovai Public School, Coimbatore
From the child’s perspective, VAK – Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic approach of Math Buddy, helps the children understand the complexities and abstractness of Mathematics easily. This encourages the child’s confidence during the learning process.

Ms. Deepashree,
Principal, Alagar Public School, Tuticorin
Math lab is one place where numbers truly come alive. It also helps children to visualize and understand the concepts. Math Buddy helps in improving the standard of the students as well makes math more interesting.

Mr. Sreenarayanan Chirakkara,
Principal, Podar International School, Ahmedabad
Math is our Buddy now! With the objective of practising Mathematics concepts easily with immediate feedback, Podar International School deployed Math Buddy Math Labs in the school. The implementation of these labs has led to higher academic standards.

Mrs. Rajeswary Sambathrajan,
Principal, GIIS, Tokyo
Many thanks for your quick and efficient service. The quality of service offered by Math Buddy has been very impressive. Every aspect of the service has been stupendous and Mr. Kannan Bharadwaj has always been courteous and polite.